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Identifying Practical Significance Through Statistical Comparison of Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, APPL SOFT COMPUT (2019)
Selected elements and fatty acid composition in human milk as indicators of seafood dietary habits, ENVIRON RES (2019)
FoodBase corpus: a new resource of annotated food entities, DATABASE (2019)
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A multi-center survey on hospital malnutrition and cachexia in Slovenia, EUR J CLIN NUTR (2019)
Graphs with a given diameter that maximise the Wiener index, AMC (2019)
e-Learning Experiment: Web Conference Activities in Teaching at a Traditional University, InnovationLearning (2019)
Evaluation of harmonized EuroFIR documentation for macronutrient values in 26 European food composition databases, JFCA (2019)
Deep Learning-Based Channel Prediction in Realistic Vehicular Communications, IEEE ACCESS (2019)
Thermal phenomena in LTCC sensor structures, SENSOR ACTUAT A-PHYS (2019)
A Novel Statistical Approach for Comparing Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms According to the Distribution of Solutions in the Search Space, INFORM SCIENCES (2019)
A comparison of models for forecasting the residential natural gas demand of an urban area, EGY (2019)
ISO-FOOD Ontology: A formal representation of the knowledge within the domain of Isotopes for Food Science, FOCH (2019)
Towards Approximate Mobile Computing, ACM GetMobile (2018)
Innovative pocket-size Bluetooth kitchen scale, Agro Food Ind Hi Tech (2018)
Mixed Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Method for Fake Food Image Recognition and Standardization to Help Automated Dietary Assessment, PUBLIC HEALTH NUTR (2018)
Can telerehabilitation games lead to functional improvement of upper extremities in individuals with Parkinson, INT J REHABIL RES (2018)
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Security problems of scan design and accompanying measures , J ELECTR ENG CONTROL (2016)
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Editorial, IJICA (2011)
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Conference papers
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A pilot method linking greenhouse gas emission databases to the FoodEx2 classification, LEAP 2019
An adaptive evolutionary surrogate-based approach for single-objective bilevel optimisation, UQOP 2019
Mix and Rank: A Framework for Benchmarking Recommender Systems, BPOD 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
LOCALE: A rule-based location named-entity recognition method for Latin text, HistoInformatics 2019
Snomed2Vec: Random Walk and Poincaré Embeddings of a Clinical Knowledge Base for Healthcare Analytics, KDD 2019
Parameter Control in Evolutionary Bilevel Optimisation, IPSSC 2019
The sensor hub for detecting the influence of colors on reading in children with dyslexia, IPSSC 2019
A Knowledge Graph-based Approach for Exploring the U.S. Opioid Epidemic, ICLR 2019
Understanding Exploration and Exploitation Powers of Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms through Statistical Analysis, GECCO 2019
FoodOntoMap: Linking Food Concepts across different Food Ontologies, KEOD 2019
GECCO Black-Box Optimization Competitions: Progress from 2009 to 2018, GECCO 2019
CEC Real-Parameter Optimization Competitions: Progress from 2013 to 2018, CEC 2019
UsabEU: online platform for translation, validation and native use of usability questionnaires with multilingual user groups, HCII 2019
FoodIE: a rule-based named-entity recognition for food information extraction, ICPRAM 2019
Data-driven Autism Biomarkers Selection by using Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques, BIOINFORMATICS 2019
Comparing different settings of parameters needed for pre-processing of ECG signals used for blood pressure classification, BIOSIGNALS 2019
Performance measures fusion for experimental comparison of methods for multi-label classificaiton, AAAI-MAKE 2019
The role of colour sensing and digitalization on the life quality and health tourism, QLife 2018
Evolutionary operators in memetic algorithm for matrix tri-factorization problem, META 2018
From a Production Scheduling Simulation to a Digital Twin, HPOI 2018
Evolution of Electric Motor Design Approaches: The Domel Case, HPOI 2018
Bluetooth based sensor networks for wireless EEG monitoring, ERK 2018
A semi - automatic approach for borrowing missing nutrient values in food composition databases, IPSSC 2018
The RICHFIELDS Framework for Semantic Interoperability of Food Information across Heterogeneous Information Systems, KDIR 2018
Quisper Ontology Learning from Personalized Dietary Web Services, KEOD 2018
Construction of Heuristic for Protein Structure Optimization Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, BIOMA 2018
Proactive Maintenance of Railway Switches, CoDIT 2018
Sensors: The Enablers for Proactive Maintenance in the Real World, CoDIT 2018
Deep Statistical Comparison of Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, GECCO 2018
The Impact of Statistics for Benchmarking in Evolutionary Computation Research, GECCO 2018
Analysis of Medical and Health-Related Data about Adult Obesity using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, CIIT 2018
Overview of Creativity Assessment Framework for a Computer Program, CIIT 2018
The role of physiological sensors in dyslexia treatment, ERK 2017
Transportation problems and their potential solutions in smart cities, SST 2017
Prediction of natural gas consumption using empirical models, SST 2017
Comparing Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms Using an Ensemble of Quality Indicators with Deep Statistical Comparison Approach, IEEE SSCI 2017
Synergy of Natural Language Processing and Statistics to Explore Food- and Nutrition-related Data and Knowledge, ECML-PKDD 2017
Mapping Food Composition Data from Various Data Sources to a Domain-Specific Ontology, KEOD 2017
The Behavior of Deep statistical Comparison Approach for Different Criteria of Comparing Distributions, IJCCI 2017
A semi-automatic system for classifying and describing foods according to FoodEX2, 3rdIMEKOFOODS
Telerehabilitation of upper extremities with target based games for persons with Parkinson’s disease , ICVR 2017
UsabEU: online platform for translation, validation and native use of usability questionnaires with multilingual user groups, LNCS

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Success Stories on Real Pilots, The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, River Publishers (2019)
From KPI Dashboards to Advanced Visualization, The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, River Publishers (2019)
The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, River Publishers (2019)
Comparison of multi-objective approaches to the real-world production scheduling, Advances in evolutionary and deterministic methods for design, optimization and control in engineering and sciences, Springer (2019)
Statistical data analysis and natural language processing for nutrition science, Doctoral Dissertation, Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2018)
Data-driven Preference-based Deep Statistical Ranking for Comparing Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms, Bioinspired Optimization Methods and Their Applications. BIOMA 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer LNCS 10835 (2018)
How to perform properly statistical analysis on food data? An e-learning tool: Advanced Statistics in Natural Sciences and Technologies , Science within Food: Up-to-date Advances on Research and Educational Ideas, (2017)
Deep Statistical Comparison Applied on Quality Indicators to Compare Multi-objective Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, International Workshop on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Big Data, Springer LNCS 10710 (2017)
Optimal lead selection for evaluation ventricular premature beats using machine learning approach, Communications in Computer and Information Science, (2017)
A methodological framework for integration of data mining in organizations, Doctoral Dissertation, Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2013)
Large Graphs in Advanced Applications, Doctoral Dissertation, Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2013)