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P-NUT: Predicting NUTrient content from short text descriptions, MATHEMATICS (2020)
Simulation of Variational Gaussian Process NARX models with GPGPU, ISA T (2020)
DietHub: Dietary Habits Analysis through Understanding the Content of Recipes, TRENDS FOOD SCI TECH (2020)
MAKEDONKA: Applied Deep Learning Model for Text-to-Speech Synthesis in Macedonian Language, APPL SCI-BASEL (2020)
COVID-19 pandemic changes the food consumption patterns, TRENDS FOOD SCI TECH (2020)
Insights into Exploration and Exploitation Power of Optimization Algorithm Using DSCTool, MATHEMATICS (2020)
Improving the Maintenance of Railway Switches Through Proactive Approach, ELECTRONICS (2020)
Advanced sensor-based maintenance in real-world exemplary cases, TAUT (2020)
Fatty Acid and Stable Carbon Isotope Composition of Slovenian Milk: Year, Season, and Regional Variability, MOLECULES (2020)
Biomarkers of pre-existing risk of torsade de pointes under Sotalol treatment, J. ELECTROCARDIOL. (2020)
Geographical verification of Slovenian milk using stable isotope ratio, multi-element and multivariate modelling approaches, FOOD CHEM (2020)
Multi-objective optimization benchmarking using DSCTool, MATHEMATICS (2020)
Evaluating Missing Value Imputation Methods for Food Composition Databases, FOOD CHEM TOXICOL (2020)
Towards Managerial Support for Data Analytics Results, IND ENG MANAG (2020)
A survey of named-entity recognition methods for food information extraction, IEEE ACCESS (2020)
Dynamic features of cardiac vector as alternative markers of drug-induced spatial dispersion, J PHARMACOL TOX MET (2020)
FoodEx2vec: New foods' representation for advanced food data analysis, FOOD CHEM TOXICOL (2020)
Understanding the problem space in single-objective numerical optimization using exploratory landscape analysis, APPL SOFT COMPUT (2020)
Multi-level information fusion for learning a blood pressure predictive model using sensor data, INFORM FUSION (2020)
DSCTool: a web services based framework for statistical comparison of stochastic optimization algorithms, APPL SOFT COMPUT (2020)
Selected elements and fatty acid composition in human milk as indicators of seafood dietary habits, ENVIRON RES (2020)
Data Transmission Efficiency in Bluetooth Low Energy Versions, SENSORS (2019)
Identifying Practical Significance Through Statistical Comparison of Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, APPL SOFT COMPUT (2019)
FoodBase corpus: a new resource of annotated food entities, DATABASE (2019)
MIGHT: Statistical Methodology for Missing-Data Imputation in Food Composition Databases, APPL SCI-BASEL (2019)
A multi-center survey on hospital malnutrition and cachexia in Slovenia, EUR J CLIN NUTR (2019)
Graphs with a given diameter that maximise the Wiener index, AMC (2019)
e-Learning Experiment: Web Conference Activities in Teaching at a Traditional University, InnovationLearning (2019)
Evaluation of harmonized EuroFIR documentation for macronutrient values in 26 European food composition databases, JFCA (2019)
Deep Learning-Based Channel Prediction in Realistic Vehicular Communications, IEEE ACCESS (2019)
Thermal phenomena in LTCC sensor structures, SENSOR ACTUAT A-PHYS (2019)
A Novel Statistical Approach for Comparing Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms According to the Distribution of Solutions in the Search Space, INFORM SCIENCES (2019)
A comparison of models for forecasting the residential natural gas demand of an urban area, EGY (2019)
ISO-FOOD Ontology: A formal representation of the knowledge within the domain of Isotopes for Food Science, FOCH (2019)
Towards Approximate Mobile Computing, ACM GetMobile (2018)
Innovative pocket-size Bluetooth kitchen scale, Agro Food Ind Hi Tech (2018)
Mixed Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Method for Fake Food Image Recognition and Standardization to Help Automated Dietary Assessment, PUBLIC HEALTH NUTR (2018)
Can telerehabilitation games lead to functional improvement of upper extremities in individuals with Parkinson, INT J REHABIL RES (2018)
Multi-hop communication in Bluetooth Low Energy ad-hoc wireless sensor network, Inform. MIDEM (2018)
A formal framework of human machine interaction in proactive maintenance ÔÇô MANTIS experience, TAUT (2018)
Identification of requirements for computer-supported matching of food consumption data with food composition data, Nutrients (2018)
Sensors in Proactive Maintenance - A case of LTCC pressure sensors, MAINT RELIAB (2018)
Modelling simultaneous broadcasting by level-disjoint partitions, AMC (2018)

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Ontology alignment using Named-Entity Recognition methods in the domain of food, IS 2020
Dynamic Parameter Choices in Evolutionary Computation, WCCI 2020
Dynamic control parameter choices in evolutionary computation: GECCO 2020 tutorial, GECCO ÔÇÖ20
Solving min-max optimisation problems by means of bilevel evolutionary algorithms: a preliminary study, GECCO ÔÇÖ20
Colors and colored overlays in dyslexia treatment, IPSSC 2020
An Insight into Food Semantics: Review, Analysis, and Lessons Learnt over Food-related Studies, ICBO 2020
Using Exploratory Landscape Analysis to Visualize Single-objective Problems, GECCO 2020
In-depth Insights into Swarm Intelligence Algorithms, MDIS 2020
FoodViz: Visualization of Food Entities Linked Across Different Standards, LOD 2020
Linear Matrix Factorization Embeddings for Single-objective Optimization Landscape Space, IEEE SSCI 2020
Deep Statistics: More Robust Performance Statistics for Single-objective Optimization Benchmarking, GECCO 2020
performViz: A Machine Learning Approach to Visualize and Understand the Performance of Single-objective Optimization Algorithms, GECCO 2020
Performance2vec: A step further in explainable stochastic optimization algorithms performance, GECCO 2020
Is the statistical significance between evolutionary algorithms performance also significant in practice?, GECCO 2020
Food Data Integration by Using Heuristics based on Lexical and Semantic Similarities, HEALTHINF 2020
A Novel Approach for Modelling the Relationship between Blood Pressure and ECG by Using Time-series Feature Extraction, BIOSIGNALS 2020
Optimisation platform for remote collaboration of different teams, OSE5
Experimental evaluation of deep-learning applied on pendulum balancing, ERK 2019
Exploring Dietary Intake Data collected by FPQ using Unsupervised Learning, BFNDMA 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
Food Waste Ontology: A Formal Description of Knowledge from the Domain of Food Waste, BFNDMA 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
Comparing Semantic and Nutrient Value Similarities of Recipes, BFNDMA 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
Extracting patient-reported functional status and disease activity information from electronic health records, TextXD 2019
A pilot method linking greenhouse gas emission databases to the FoodEx2 classification, LEAP 2019
An adaptive evolutionary surrogate-based approach for single-objective bilevel optimisation, UQOP 2019
Exploring a standardized language for describing foods using embedding techniques, BFNDMA 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
Mix and Rank: A Framework for Benchmarking Recommender Systems, BPOD 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
LOCALE: A rule-based location named-entity recognition method for Latin text, HistoInformatics 2019
Snomed2Vec: Random Walk and Poincar├ę Embeddings of a Clinical Knowledge Base for Healthcare Analytics, KDD 2019
Parameter Control in Evolutionary Bilevel Optimisation, IPSSC 2019
The sensor hub for detecting the influence of colors on reading in children with dyslexia, IPSSC 2019
A Knowledge Graph-based Approach for Exploring the U.S. Opioid Epidemic, ICLR 2019
Understanding Exploration and Exploitation Powers of Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms through Statistical Analysis, GECCO 2019
FoodOntoMap: Linking Food Concepts across different Food Ontologies, KEOD 2019
GECCO Black-Box Optimization Competitions: Progress from 2009 to 2018, GECCO 2019
CEC Real-Parameter Optimization Competitions: Progress from 2013 to 2018, CEC 2019
UsabEU: online platform for translation, validation and native use of usability questionnaires with multilingual user groups, HCII 2019
FoodIE: a rule-based named-entity recognition for food information extraction, ICPRAM 2019
Data-driven Autism Biomarkers Selection by using Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques, BIOINFORMATICS 2019
Comparing different settings of parameters needed for pre-processing of ECG signals used for blood pressure classification, BIOSIGNALS 2019
Performance measures fusion for experimental comparison of methods for multi-label classificaiton, AAAI-MAKE 2019
The role of colour sensing and digitalization on the life quality and health tourism, QLife 2018
Evolutionary operators in memetic algorithm for matrix tri-factorization problem, META 2018
From a Production Scheduling Simulation to a Digital Twin, HPOI 2018
Evolution of Electric Motor Design Approaches: The Domel Case, HPOI 2018
Bluetooth based sensor networks for wireless EEG monitoring, ERK 2018
A semi - automatic approach for borrowing missing nutrient values in food composition databases, IPSSC 2018
The RICHFIELDS Framework for Semantic Interoperability of Food Information across Heterogeneous Information Systems, KDIR 2018
Quisper Ontology Learning from Personalized Dietary Web Services, KEOD 2018
Construction of Heuristic for Protein Structure Optimization Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, BIOMA 2018
Proactive Maintenance of Railway Switches, CoDIT 2018
Sensors: The Enablers for Proactive Maintenance in the Real World, CoDIT 2018
Deep Statistical Comparison of Meta-heuristic Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, GECCO 2018
The Impact of Statistics for Benchmarking in Evolutionary Computation Research, GECCO 2018
Analysis of Medical and Health-Related Data about Adult Obesity using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, CIIT 2018
Overview of Creativity Assessment Framework for a Computer Program, CIIT 2018
The role of physiological sensors in dyslexia treatment, ERK 2017
Transportation problems and their potential solutions in smart cities, SST 2017
Prediction of natural gas consumption using empirical models, SST 2017
Comparing Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms Using an Ensemble of Quality Indicators with Deep Statistical Comparison Approach, IEEE SSCI 2017
Synergy of Natural Language Processing and Statistics to Explore Food- and Nutrition-related Data and Knowledge, ECML-PKDD 2017
Mapping Food Composition Data from Various Data Sources to a Domain-Specific Ontology, KEOD 2017
The Behavior of Deep statistical Comparison Approach for Different Criteria of Comparing Distributions, IJCCI 2017
A semi-automatic system for classifying and describing foods according to FoodEX2, 3rdIMEKOFOODS
Telerehabilitation of upper extremities with target based games for persons with ParkinsonÔÇÖs disease , ICVR 2017
UsabEU: online platform for translation, validation and native use of usability questionnaires with multilingual user groups, LNCS
Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, SST 2016
Knowledge extraction of evidence - based dietary recommendations, IPSSC 2016
Time-optimal broadcasting of multiple messages in 1-in port model, COCOA 2016
Optimizacija geometrije profila letalskega krila, ERK 2016
Disadvantages of Statistical Comparisons of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, BIOMA 2016
Grammar and dictionary based named- Entity Linking for knowledge extraction of evidence-based dietary recommendations, IC3K (KDIR 2016)
3D serious games for ParkinsonÔÇÖs disease management, HCI-IS 2016
Analysis of an Electrocardiographic Multilead System using Artificial Neural Networks - A Study of the Dispersion during Premature Ventricular Stimulation, Biosignals 2016
POS tagging-probability weighted method for matching the Internet recipe ingredients with food composition data, IC3K (KDIR 2015)
Pametno urejanje prometa in prostorsko na─Źrtovanje, IS 2015
Pobuda PaMetSkup, IS 2015
Concept of an Ecosystem model to support transformation towards sustainable energy systems, SDEWES 2015
Napredne metode za optimizacijo izdelkov in procesov, Dnevi energetikov 2015
Case-based slogan production, ICCBR 2015
Modularni sistem za upravljanje Li-Ion baterije, AIG 2015
Pobuda za oceno klini─Źne uporabnosti mobilne aplikacije Nutri v povezavi z ┼żepno tehnico Libra, IS 2015
"ISO-FOOD" ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability, 2. letna konferenca Hrana in prehrana za zdravje 2015
Ingredients matching in bakery products, SiKDD 2015
Upgrade of the MovSim for Easy Traffic Network Modification, SIMUL 2015
Suitability of MASA Algorithm for Traveling Thief Problem, SOR'15
Empirical Convergence Analysis of GA for Unit Commitment Problem, BIOMA 2014
Automated Slogan Production Using a Genetic Algorithm, BIOMA 2014
Comparison Between Single and Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm Approach for Optimal Stock Portfolio Selection, BIOMA 2014
Implementation of a slogan generator, ICCC 2014
A pre-log region for the non-coherent MIMO twoway relaying channel, EUSIPCO 2013
The Continuous Differential Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm Applied on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization Problems, CEC 2013
The Parameter-Less Evolutionary Search for Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization, CEC 2013
Slovenska priporo─Źila za obravnavo kaheksije pri bolnikih z rakom, Kaheksija pri bolnikih z rakom., Kancerolo┼íko zdru┼żenje Slovenskega zdravni┼íkega dru┼ítva 2012
Analiza in izbolj┼íava spletne strani odprte platforme za klini─Źno prehrano, IS 2012
Slovenska baza o sestavi ┼żivil: novi podatki o sestavi ┼żivil rastlinskega izvora, Trendi in izzivi v ┼żivilstvu, prehrani, gostinstvu in turizmu 2012
Razpolo┼żljivost natrija v kupljenih ┼żivilskih proizvodih v Sloveniji v obdobju 2000-2009 = Sodium availability in purchased foods in Slovenia 2000-2009, SLOVENSKI DAN DIETETIKE 2012
Optimization in Organizations: Things We Tend to Forget, BIOMA 2012
Swarm-inspired social network model and its properties, ITIS 2012
Towards social networks model, BIOMA 2012
Reducing costs with computer power management, IPSSC 2012
Exploring the parameter space of a search algorithm, BIOMA 2012
Balancing downlink and uplink soft-handover areas in UMTS network, WCCI 2012
The Continuous Differential Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm Applied to Dynamic Optimization Problems, WCCI 2012
Combinatorial implementation of a parameter-less evolutionary algorithm, IJCCI 2011
Food composition databases for effective quality nutritional care, 9th IFDC 2011
The Slovenian Food Composition Database, 9th IFDC 2011
Making The Most of Electronic Resources , DIETS V 2011
Optimal on-line built-in self-test structure for system-reliability improvement, CEC 2011
The Continuous Differential Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm Applied to Bound Constrained Real-World Optimization Problem, CEC 2011
A Shared-Memory ACO-Based Algorithm for Numerical Optimization, IPDPS 2011
Pilot power optimization in UMTS: a multi-agnet approach, IS 2010
Hybrid Parameter-Less Evolutionary Algorithm in Production Planning, ICEC2010
Vpliv ─Źasovnih omejitev na u─Źinkovitost memetskega algoritma pri planiranju proizvodnje, ERK 2010
Organizacijski vidik uvajanja napovedne analitike v organizacije, ERK 2010
Influence of Fixed-Deadline Orders on Memetic Algorithm Performance in Production Planning, MCPL 2010
Optimization of cooling appliance control parameters, EngOpt 2010
Parameter estimation in an endocytosis model with bioinspired optimization algorithms, BIOMA 2010
The differential ant-stigmergy algorithm for large-scale global optimization, WCCI 2010
Bioinspired Online Mathematics Learning, BIOMA 2010
Application of Memetic Algorithm in Production Planning, BIOMA 2010
Thermal Simulation for Development Speed-up, SIMUL 2010
Primer sodobnega informacijskega sistema za na─Źrtovanje prehrane, New trends in contemporary nursing 2009
Metaheuristic Approach to Loading Schedule Problem, MISTA 2009
A Stigmergy-Based Algorithm for Black-Box Optimization: Noisy Function Testbed, GECCO 2009
A Stigmergy-Based Algorithm for Black-Box Optimization: Noiseless Function Testbed, GECCO 2009
A distributed ant-based algorithm for numerical optimization, BADS 2009
The differential ant-stigmergy algorithm applied to dynamic optimization problems, CEC 2009
MATPORT - Web application to support enhancement in elementary mathematics pedagogy, CSEDU 2009
Constrained transportation scheduling, BIOMA 2008
A distributed multilevel ant colonies approach for graph partitioning, BIOMA 2008
Web interface for Progressive zoom-in algorithm, ERK 2008
The differential ant-stigmergy algorithm for large scale real-parameter optimization, ANTS 2008
Parameter-less evolutionary search, GECCO-08
Deterministic Test Pattern Generator Design, EvoHOT 2008
Robot TCP positioning with vision : accuracy estimation of a robot visual control system, ICINCO 2007
Estimation of accuracy for robot vision control, SHR2007
The Differential Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm: An Experimental Evaluation and a Real-World Application, CEC 2007
Multi-parameter geometry optimization of a radial impeller with the use of stigmergic optimization algorithm, KD 2007
An Impeller Shape Optimization using the Differential Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm, PPAM 2007
Accuracy of a 3D reconstruction system, ISPRA 2007
Hardware implementation of locking mechanism for IEEE Std 1149.1, MIDEM2006
Stigmeri─Źno optimiranje ohi┼íja elektromotorja, ERK 2006
Real-parameter optimization using stigmergy, BIOMA 2006
Ant stigmergy on the grid: optimizing the cooling process in continuous steel casting, IPDPS 2006
Non-parametric genetic algorithm, BIOMA 2006
Evolutionary approach to deterministic test pattern generator design, Euromicro 2006
Algoritem postopnega pribli┼żevanja, ERK 2006
Radon in soil gas : application of neuron networks to identify anomalies caused by earthquakes, Hazards 2006
Smernice zdravega prehranjevanja za delavce v delovnih organizacijah, Zdravje
Dietary menu planning using an evolutionary method, INES 2006
Dietary menu planning by evolutionary compution, BIOMA 2006
An approach to testing mixed-signal cores in SOCs, EMPS 2006
On design of a low-area deterministic test pattern generator by the use of genetic algorithm, CADSM2005
Ve─Źnivojski stigmergi─Źni algoritmi za numeri─Źno optimiranje, ERK 2005
The multilevel ant stigmergy algorithm: an industrial case study, JCIS 2005
Optimization algorithms inspired by electromagnetism and stigmergy in electro-technical engineering, EC 2005
A performance comparison of ant stigmergy and differential evolution for numerical optimization, EA 2005
Towards automated trust modeling in networked organizations, ICAS 2005
A decision support approach to modeling trust in networked organizations, IEA/AIE 2005
A non-quasi-static small-signal model of INTRINSIC MOS transistor for radio and microwave frequencies range, MIDEM2005
Fault diagnosis based of a finite-element model of a piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor, IMSTW'05
The distributed stigmergic algorithm for multi-parameter optimization, PPAM 2005
U─Źinkovitost brezparametrskega genetskega algoritma, ERK 2005
Dynamic viscosity prediction of alumina-paraffin suspensions using artificial neural networks, AERC 2005
Optimiranje obrokov z evolucijskim postopkom, ERK 2005
All-pass SC biquand reconfiguration scheme for oscillation based analog BIST, ETS 2004
Test pattern generator structure design by genetic algorithm, BIOMA 2004
Experimental boundary-scan environment for research and education, IWoTA 2004
Multilevel optimization of graph bisection with pheromones, BIOMA 2004
Electrical engineering design with an evolutionary approach, BIOMA 2004
An evolutionary technique for scheduling and allocation concurrency, MATH 2004
Evolutionary balancing of healthy meals, BIOMA 2004
Ovrednotenje so─Źasnega razvr┼í─Źanja operacij in dodeljevanja enot v postopku na─Źrtovanja integriranih vezij, ERK 2003
Re┼íevanje soodvisnih korakov na─Źrtovanja integriranih vezij, IS 2003
Concurrent operation scheduling and unit allocation with an evolutionary technique, DSD 2003
Evolutionary approach to scheduling and allocation concurrency in integrated circuits design, ECCTD-03
Modified iterative-improvement graph-partitioning algorithms, IPSI 2003
Mesh partitioning: a multilevel ant-colony-optimization algorithm, IPDPS 2003
Applying the ant-colony algorithm for mesh-partitioning refinement, JCIS 2003
Combining vector quantization and ant-colony algorithm for mesh-partitioning, PPAM 2003
The use of numerical simulation for the study of low-pressure injection moulding of alumina-paraffin suspensions, AERC 2003
So─Źasno razvr┼í─Źanje operacij in dodeljevane enot v postopku na─Źrtovanja integriranih vezij, ERK 2002
Evolutionary synthesis algorithm - genetic operators tuning, EC-02
An ant-colony-optimization approach to the mesh-partitioning problem, PARNUM 2002
An experimental evaluation of modified algorithms for the graph partitioning problem, ISCIS 2002
Evolutionary method for a universal motor geometry optimization: a new automated design approach, IUTAM 2002
Evolutionary method for a universal motor geometry optimization, IUTAM
Optimizacija geometrije lamele univerzalnega motorja, ERK 2001
Optimization of the geometry of the rotor and the stator, SOR-01
Performance optimization of a universal motor using a genetic algorithm, INES 2001
Improving the technical quality of a universal motor using and evolutionary approach, Euromicro-01
Evolutionary performance optimization of a universal motor, MIPRO 2001
Evolutionary optimization of a universal motor, IECON-01
Algorithms for solving the partitioning problem, ERK 2001
Ve─Źkriterijsko genetsko na─Źrtovanje integriranih vezij, ERK 2000
Multi-objective genetic scheduling algorithm with respect to allocation in high-level synthesis, Euromicro2000
The use of genetic algorithm in the integrated circuit design, WDTA-99
Optimization of the parallel matrix multiplication, CSCC-99
Transformation of the systolic arrays from two-dimensional to linear form, ICECS-99
Genetic algorithm as a method for finite element mesh smoothing, PPAM-99
Scheduling algorithms based on genetic approach, NNTA-99
Re┼íevanje linearnega sistema ena─Źb v enodimenzionalnih sistoli─Źnih poljih, ERK-98
Evolutionary scheduling algorithms in high-level synthesis, WDTA-98
Using simulated annealing and genetic algorithm in the automated synthesis of digital systems, IMACS-CSC-98
On-line testing of a discrete PID regulator: a case study, Euromicro97

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ECGpp: A Framework for Selecting the Pre-processing Parameters of ECG Signals Used for Blood Pressure Classification, Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1211), Springer (2020)
Success Stories on Real Pilots, The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, River Publishers (2019)
From KPI Dashboards to Advanced Visualization, The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, River Publishers (2019)
The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, The MANTIS Book - Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance, River Publishers (2019)
Comparison of multi-objective approaches to the real-world production scheduling, Advances in evolutionary and deterministic methods for design, optimization and control in engineering and sciences, Springer (2019)
Statistical data analysis and natural language processing for nutrition science, Doctoral Dissertation, Jo┼żef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2018)
Data-driven Preference-based Deep Statistical Ranking for Comparing Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms, Bioinspired Optimization Methods and Their Applications. BIOMA 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer LNCS 10835 (2018)