Gregor Papa

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Computer structures and systems (2019-2024)
Crossing borders and scales: CFD and High-performance computing (2019-2021)
TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments (2017-2021)
Biomedical data fusion by nonnegative matrix tri-factorization (2017-2020)
Uncertainty Treatment and OPtimisation In Aerospace Engineering (2017-2020)
Improving Applicability of Nature-Inspired Optimisation by Joining Theory and Practice (2016-2020)
Synergy Interreg Central Europe (2018-2019)
Synergy for Smart Multi-Objective Optimisation (2016-2019)
Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain (2015-2019)
ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability (2014-2019)
mhealth platform for Parkinson’s disease management (2015-2018)
Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance (2015-2018)
Computer structures and systems (2015-2018)
Adaptive Cooperative Control in Urban (sub) Systems (2013-2016)
Quantify Life – Feed Yourself (2014-2015)
Analysis of possible upgrades of the A-portal web platform (2013-2015)
Mobile application and pocket-size scale for diabetic patients (2013-2014)
Study of the effects of upgrading on ISL Online software (2013-2014)


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Upgrade of household appliance (2013-2015)