Optimization tool for planning and scheduling


  • production
  • process
  • packaging
  • warehousing
  • distribution
  • logistics


  • automatic creation of plans/schedules
    1. faster creation of plan/schedule
    2. more detailed plan/schedule
    3. more efficient use of resources
    4. lower energy consumption


  • custom-made according to customer needs and specifications
  • using statistical analysis for historical data dependencies
  • plan/schedule creation method is tailored specifically to the problem
  • detailed time scheduling
  • allows customization of created plan/schedule
  • integration with company’s IT system

Eta Cerkno, d.o.o. implementation

We developed a prototype application for the optimization of production planning. The application uses bioinspired algorithms to produce nera-optimal production plans in real-time. This allows short response time and quick adaptation to customers' demands. The prototype raised the potential efficiency of production lines to 99% and reduced the delivery time.

  • optimal allocation of products to production lines
  • acquisition of manufacturing data
  • user-friendly interface