Fast temperature simulation and effective control optimization


  • effective control algorithm is needed inside a refrigerator/freezer to achive the lowest possible energy consumption
  • each prototype has to be measured to determine its optimal performance
  • thermal processes are, by their nature, very slow
  • to determine the energy consumption it may take several days of measurements


Fast temperature simulation and optimization of the control parameters during development process.

  • the temperature simulator
    • replaces time-consuming measurements of the slow thermal processes within appliance
  • the control optimization tool (optimizer)
    • automatically finds the optimal control parameters of an appliance and provides control algorithm of the appliance
  • the complete integrated solution shortens the development time of the product


  • low cost and fast response
  • easy/quick adaptation to new product
  • replaces a large part of development measurements
  • crucially reduces the development costs

Gorenje, d. d. implementation

Within the project with Gorenje, d. d., Velenje, we developed and designed a program tool for the simulation of temperatures inside the refrigerator. In optimal work of a refrigerator the desired temperature is sustained with the lowest possible power demand. The simulator allows the simulation of temperatures inside the refrigerator at different modes of regulation. It replaces the part of the measurements, which are time consuming due to the slow thermal processes. Besides the shorter measurement time, the development costs of a refrigerator are also lowered. Next, we upgraded the simulator with an advanced optimization algorithm, to automatically find the optimal regulation of a refrigerator. According to known, measured, temperature responses, the optimizer finds the optimal refrigerator control parameters. The developed tools allow the substitution of a several-day observation of a refrigerator with a several-second simulation. This, again, substitutes a large set of measurements and lowers the development costs. Computer simulation of a refrigerator points out to almost unlimited possibilities for improvements and optimization of prototype refrigerators in order to shorten time-to-market.

  • the simulation of 48 hours of operating time takes in general about one second
  • instant optimization due to the use of parameter-less optimization method
  • user-friendly interface