The Computer Systems Department is concerned primarily with the development of efficient optimization algorithms, intelligent massive-data processing, effective data management and visualization, and adaptive computing structures for faster and more reliable execution of algorithms. Within this broad area, we are concentrating on self-adapting systems, the modelling and optimizing of complex, dynamic and non-deterministic systems. Our research results are implemented within applications for production, transport, bioinformatics, nutrition, health, and medicine. As an integral part of our research activities, members of the department have close contacts and collaborations with scientists world-wide, through academic links and industrial contacts, thus enabling us to keep at the forefront of rapidly developing fields.
Computer Systems
Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova cesta 39
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Head of Department: prof. dr. Gregor Papa
+386 1 477 3514

Administration: Jolanda Jakofčič, Andreja Vlašič
+386 1 477 3582
+386 1 477 3106

+386 1 477 3882 (fax)

Project collaboration
We have a rich and successful history of project work and collaboration with many academic and industrial partners. We participate in several projects of the EU programmes (H2020, FP7, FP6, FP5, ECSEL, ARTEMIS, Interreg, COST) applying our expert knowledge to different domains. On the national level we participate in ARRS basic research projects and industrial applied projects.
Industry solution
We collaborate with national and international companies to efficiently transfer our knowledge to different domains, ranging from production, transport, energy, bioinformatics, health, and medicine. We always work towards finding the perfect customized solution for our customers.
Academic research
We are constantly inviting students from different related studies to collaborate with us on the mid-term or long-term (scholarships, young researchers, etc).