Tome Eftimov

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Understanding the evolution of EXOplanets and towards habitable WORLDs (2023-2027)
Automated Configuration, Selection, and Design of Iterative Optimization Heuristics (2023-2025)
Auto-OPT: Automated selection and configuration of single-objective continuous optimization algorithms (2022-2025)
Representation Learning of Landscape Spaces for Explainable Performance of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms (2022-2024)
Computer structures and systems (2019-2024)
Crossing borders and scales: CFD and High-performance computing (2019-2024)
Work-Based Learning Grant (2022-2023)
Intelligent Reliability 4.0 (2020-2023)
Food Nutrition Security Cloud (2019-2023)
ExtraCting and Annotating Food NamEd EnTitiEs fRom ScIentific LiterAture (2021-2022)
Modern approaches for Benchmarking in Evolutionary Computation (2019-2021)
Toponomastic heritage of Primorska region (2018-2021)
Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal coaching (2017-2021)
Improving Applicability of Nature-Inspired Optimisation by Joining Theory and Practice (2016-2020)
Trans fatty acids (2016-2019)
Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain (2015-2019)
ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability (2014-2019)
Research Infrastructure on Consumer Health and Food Intake for Escience with Linked Data Sharing (2015-2018)


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Improved planning of manufacturing processes for individualized tools (2019-2020)