Gregor Papa


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Models for forecasting the traffic flow within the city of Ljubljana, ETRE (2023)
Electric-bus routes in hilly urban areas: overview and challenges, RENEW SUST ENERG REV (2022)
Data Multiplexed and Hardware Reused Architecture for Deep Neural Network Accelerator, NEUROCOMPUTING (2022)
Four algorithms to solve symmetric multi-type non-negative matrix tri-factorization problem, J GLOBAL OPTIM (2022)


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Traffic Forecasting With Uncertainty: A Case for Conformalized Quantile Regression, ECCOMAS 2024
Fleet and Traffic Management Systems for Conducting Future Cooperative Mobility, ECCOMAS 2024
Fleet and traffic management systems for conducting future cooperative mobility, TRA 2024
An evolutionary approach to pessimistic bilevel optimization problems, BILEVEL 2023
Evaluation of Parallel Hierarchical Differential Evolution for Min-Max Optimization Problems Using SciPy, BIOMA 2022
On Suitability of the Customized Measuring Device for Electric Motor, IECON 2022
Real‐world Applications of Dynamic Parameter Control in Evolutionary Computation - tutorial , PPSN 2022
Dynamic Computational Resource Allocation for CFD Simulations Based on Pareto Front Optimization, GECCO '22


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A Framework for Applying Data-Driven AI/ML Models in Reliability, Recent Advances in Microelectronics Reliability, Springer (2024)
Reliability Improvements for In-Wheel Motor, Recent Advances in Microelectronics Reliability, Springer (2024)