List of accepted papers

A cooperative evolutionary approach to learn communities in multilayer networks

Alessia Amelio and Clara Pizzuti

A Differential Evolution Algorithm for the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem with Total Flow Time Criterion

Marco Baioletti, Alfedo Milani and Valentino Santucci

A Generalized Markov-Chain Modelling Approach to $(1,\lambda )$-ES Linear Optimization

Alexandre Chotard and Martin Holena

A Geometrical Approach to the Incompatible Substructure Problem in Parallel Self-Assembly

Navneet Bhalla, Dhananjay Ipparthi, Eric Klemp and Marco Dorigo

A Memetic Algorithm For Multi Layer Hierarchical Ring Network Design

Christian Schauer and Günther Raidl

A Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization Framework for Protein Purification Process Design

Richard Allmendinger and Suzanne Farid

A New EDA by a Gradient-Driven Density

Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez and Arturo Hernandez-Aguirre

A Novel Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm with Visited-Local-Region Memory

Hansang Yun, Myoung Hoon Ha, Robert Ian McKay and Byung-Ro Moon

A Portfolio Optimization Approach to Selection in MOEAs

Iryna Yevseyeva, Andreia P. Guerreiro, Michael T. M. Emmerich and Carlos M. Fonseca

A Provably Asymptotically Fast Version of the Generalized Jensen Algorithm for Non-Dominated Sorting

Maxim Buzdalov and Anatoly Shalyto

A Study on Multimemetic Estimation of Distribution Algorithms

Rafael Nogueras and Carlos Cotta

A taxonomy of heterogeneity and dynamics in particle swarm optimisation

Harry Goldingay and Peter Lewis

Adaptation in Nonlinear Learning Models for Nonstationary Tasks

Wolfgang Konen and Patrick Koch

An Analysis of Migration Strategies in Island-Based Multimemetic Algorithms

Rafael Nogueras and Carlos Cotta

An Analysis on Selection for High-Resolution Approximations in Many-objective Optimization

Hernán Aguirre, Arnaud Liefooghe, Sébastien Verel and Kiyoshi Tanaka

An Extended Michigan-Style Learning Classifier System for Flexible Supervised Learning, Classification, and Data Mining

Ryan Urbanowicz, Gediminas Bertasius and Jason Moore

An Immune-Inspired Algorithm for the Set Cover Problem

Ayush Joshi, Jonathan E. Rowe and Christine Zarges

Application of Evolutionary Methods to Semiconductor Double-Chirped Mirrors Design

Rafał Biedrzycki, Jarosław Arabas, Agata Jasik, Michał Szymański, Paweł Wnuk, Piotr Wasylczyk and Anna Wójcik-Jedlińska

Automatic Design of Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization

Leonardo Bezerra, Manuel López-Ibánez and Thomas Stützle

Average-Case Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms on High-Density Satisfiable 3-CNF Formulas

Andrew Sutton and Frank Neumann

Balancing Bicycle Sharing Systems: An Analysis of Path Relinking and Recombination within a GRASP Hybrid

Petrina Papazek, Christian Kloimüllner, Bin Hu and Günther Raidl

Bent Function Synthesis by Means of Cartesian Genetic Programming

Radek Hrbacek and Vaclav Dvorak

Boosting Search for Recursive Functions using Partial Call-Trees

Brad Alexander and Brad Zacher

Clustering-Based Selection for Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization

Roman Denysiuk, Lino Costa and Isabel Espírito Santo

Combining Evolutionary Computation and Algebraic Constructions to find Cryptography-relevant Boolean Functions

Stjepan Picek, Elena Marchiori, Lejla Batina and Domagoj Jakobovic

Combining Model-Based EAs for Mixed-Integer Problems

Krzysztof Sadowski, Dirk Thierens and Peter Bosman

Combining semantically-effective and geometric crossover operators for Genetic Programming

Tomasz Pawlak

Compressing Regular Expression Sets for Deep Packet Inspection

Alberto Bartoli, Simone Cumar, Andrea De Lorenzo and Eric Medvet

Coupling Evolution and Information Theory for Robotic Behavioral Diversity

Guohua Zhang and Michele Sebag

Derivation of a Micro-Macro Link for Collective Decision-Making Systems: Uncover Network Features Based on Drift Measurements

Heiko Hamann, Gabriele Valentini, Yara Khaluf and Marco Dorigo

Discovery of Implicit Objectives by Compression of Interaction Matrix in Test-based Problems

Paweł Liskowski and Krzysztof Krawiec

Distance Measures for Permutations in Combinatorial Efficient Global Optimization

Martin Zaefferer, Jörg Stork and Thomas Bartz-Beielstein

Distance-Based Analysis of Crossover Operators for Many-Objective Knapsack Problems

Hisao Ishibuchi, Yuki Tanigaki, Hiroyuki Masuda and Yusuke Nojima

Empirical Performance of the Approximation of the Least Hypervolume Contributor

Krzysztof Nowak, Marcus Märtens and Dario Izzo

Evolutionary Constrained Optimization for a Jupiter Capture

Jérémie Labroquere, Aurélie Héritier, Annalisa Riccardi and Dario Izzo

Evolution-In-Materio: Solving Machine Learning Classification Problems Using Materials

Maktuba Mohid, Julian Miller, Simon Harding, Gunnar Tufte, Odd Rune Lykkebo, Kieran Massey and Mike Petty

Evolving DPA-resistant Boolean Functions

Stjepan Picek, Lejla Batina and Domagoj Jakobovic

Evolving Mixtures of n-gram Models for Sequencing and Schedule Optimization

Chung-Yao Chuang and Stephen F. Smith

Evolving Neural Network Weights for Time-Series Prediction of General Aviation Flight Data

Travis Desell, Sophine Clachar, James Higgins and Brandon Wild

Factoradic Representation for Permutation Optimisation

Olivier Regnier-Coudert and John Mccall

From Expected Improvement to Investment Portfolio Improvement: Spreading the Risk in Kriging-based Optimization

Rasmus Ursem

Generalised Level-based Analysis for Genetic Algorithms and other Search Processes

Dogan Corus, Duc-Cuong Dang, Anton V. Eremeev and Per Kristian Lehre

Generic Postprocessing via Subset Selection for Hypervolume and Epsilon-Indicator

Karl Bringmann, Tobias Friedrich and Patrick Klitzke

How to Assess Step-Size Adaptation Mechanisms in Randomised Search

Nikolaus Hansen, Asma Atamna and Anne Auger

Improving Genetic Programming with Behavioral Consistency Measure

Krzysztof Krawiec and Armando Solar-Lezama

Inferring and Exploiting Problem Structure with Schema Grammar

Chris Cox and Richard Watson

Less Magic Numbers in Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy

Ilya Loshchilov, Marc Schoenauer and Michele Sebag

Local Optima and Weight Distribution in the Number Partitioning Problem

Khulood Alyahya and Jonathan Rowe

Local Optimal Sets and Bounded Archiving on Multi-objective NK-Landscapes with Correlated Objectives

Manuel López-Ibánez, Arnaud Liefooghe and Sébastien Verel

Maximizing Submodular Functions under Matroid Constraints by Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Tobias Friedrich and Frank Neumann

Messy Coding in the XCS Classifier System for Sequence Labeling

Masaya Nakata, Tim Kovacs and Keiki Takadama

MH-MOEA: A New Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm based on the Maximin Fitness Function and the Hypervolume Indicator

Adriana Menchaca and Carlos A. Coello Coello

Multi-objective Quadratic Assignment Problem with known optimum solution

Madalina Drugan

Multiobjective Selection of Input Sensors for SVR Applied to Road Traffic Prediction

Jiri Petrlik, Otto Fucik and Lukas Sekanina

Natural Gradient Approach for Linearly Constrained Continuous Optimization

Youhei Akimoto and Shinichi Shirakawa

Novelty Search in Competitive Coevolution

Jorge Gomes, Pedro Mariano and Anders Christensen

On Effective and Inexpensive Local Search Techniques in Genetic Programming

Fergal Lane, R. Muhammad Atif Azad and Conor Ryan

On low complexity Acceleration Techniques for Randomized Optimization

Sebastian Urban Stich

On the Effectiveness of Sampling for Evolutionary Optimization in Noisy Environments

Chao Qian, Yang Yu, Yaochu Jin and Zhi-Hua Zhou

On the Impact of Multiobjective Scalarizing Functions

Bilel Derbel, Dimo Brockhoff, Arnaud Liefooghe and Sebastien Verel

On the life-long learning capabilities of a NELLI*: a hyper-heuristic optimisation system

Emma Hart and Kevin Sim

On the Locality of Standard Search Operators in Grammatical Evolution

Ann Thorhauer and Franz Rothlauf

On the Runtime Analysis of Fitness Sharing Mechanisms

Pietro Oliveto, Dirk Sudholt and Christine Zarges

On the Use of Evolution Strategies for Optimization on Spherical Manifolds

Dirk Arnold

Online Black-box Algorithm Portfolios for Continuous Optimization

Petr Baudis and Petr Posik

Optimized Approximation Sets for Low-dimensional Benchmark Pareto Fronts

Tobias Glasmachers

PaDe: a parallel algorithm based on the MOEA/D framework and the island model

Andrea Mambrini and Dario Izzo

Parameter Prediction based on Features of Evolved Instances for Ant Colony Optimization and the Traveling Salesperson Problem

Samadhi Nallaperuma, Markus Wagner and Frank Neumann

Population Exploration on Genotype Networks in Genetic Programming

Ting Hu, Wolfgang Banzhaf and Jason Moore

Quasi-Stability of Real Coded Finite Populations

Jarosław Arabas and Rafał Biedrzycki

Queued Pareto Local Search for Multi-Objective Optimization

Maarten Inja, Chiel Kooijman, Maarten de Waard, Diederik Roijers and Shimon Whiteson

Racing Multi-Objective Selection Probabilities

Gaetan Marceau Caron and Marc Schoenauer

Random Partial Neighborhood Search for University Course Timetabling Problem

Yuichi Nagata and Isao Ono

Randomized Parameter Settings for Heterogeneous Workers in a Pool-Based Evolutionary Algorithm

Mario García-Valdez, Leonardo Trujillo, Juan Julián Merelo-Guérvos and Francisco Fernández-De-Vega

Recurrent Cartesian Genetic Programming

Andrew Turner and Julian Miller

Reevaluating Exponential Crossover in Differential Evolution

Ryoji Tanabe and Alex Fukunaga

Run-time Parameter Selection and Tuning for Energy Optimization Algorithms

Ingo Mauser, Marita Dorscheid and Hartmut Schmeck

Scheduling the English Football League with a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm

Lyndon While and Graham Kendall

Self-adaptive genotype-phenotype maps: neural networks as a meta-representation

Luís F. Simoes, Dario Izzo, Evert Haasdijk and A.E. Eiben

Shake them all! Rethinking Selection and Replacement in MOEA/D

Gauvain Marquet, Bilel Derbel, Arnaud Liefooghe and El-Ghazali Talbi

Shuffle and Mate: a Dynamic Model for Spatially Structured Evolutionary Algorithms

Carlos Fernandes, Juan Laredo, Juan Julian Marelo, Carlos Cotta, Rafael Nogueras and Agostinho Rosa

Start Small, Grow Big? Saving Multi-objective Function Evaluations

Tobias Glasmachers, Boris Naujoks and Günter Rudolph

Stopping Criteria for Multimodal Optimization

Simon Wessing, Mike Preuss and Heike Trautmann

The Baldwin Effect Hinders Self-Adaptation

Jim Smith

Towards a Method for Automatic Algorithm Configuration: A Design Evaluation using Tuners

Elizabeth Montero and María Cristina Riff

Travelling Salesman Problem solved ‘in materio’ by evolved carbon nanotube device

Kester Clegg, Julian Miller, Kieran Massey and Mike Petty

Tuning Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization for Closed-Loop Estimation of Chromatographic Operating Conditions

Richard Allmendinger, Spyridon Gerontas, Nigel Titchener-Hooker and Suzanne Farid

Unbiased Black-Box Complexity of Parallel Search

Golnaz Badkobeh, Per Kristian Lehre and Dirk Sudholt

Using a Family of Curves to Approximate the Pareto Front of a Multi-Objective Optimization Problem

Saul Zapotecas Martinez, Victor A. Sosa Hernandez, Hernan Aguirre, Kiyoshi Tanaka and Carlos Coello Coello

Viability Principles for Constrained Optimization Using a (1+1)-CMA-ES

Andrea Maesani and Dario Floreano