ITSC 2023

Special Session on

Advanced Traffic and Network Management

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITSC 2023

24-28 September 2023 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain


22 May 2023 Paper Submission
30 June 2023 Paper Acceptance notification
31 July 2023 Final Paper Submission



Prof. Gregor Papa
Jožef Stefan Institute
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Antonio D. Masegosa
University of Deusto
Bilbao, Spain
Dr. Eleni Mantouka
National Technical University of Athens
Athens, Greece



The transition towards an advanced multimodal transport system requires better coordinated and organized traffic flows to optimize the entire transport network. Although network and traffic management has been in the spotlight for more than 3 decades, the recent advances in Connected Cooperative Autonomous Mobility (CCAM) services and the complexity in mobility patterns emerging in urban areas have recently put in question many of the existing practices as per their ability to reduce capacity bottlenecks and, traffic jams, thereby saving time, accelerate the transition towards connected and automated mobility and the development of new services and facilitate the integration of transport modes into a multimodal network for passengers and freight.



The advent of novel information and communication technologies and computational tools create new opportunities to revisit existing problems and propose innovative solutions to battle the above-mentioned challenges. From the traffic and network management perspective, this special session focuses on presenting the concepts of operations for an efficient, resilient, and adaptable multi-modal network and traffic management system, using innovative data collection and fusion techniques, while leveraging state of the art technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, high-performance computing). Submissions detailing research initiatives within Europe but also worldwide, related to network and traffic management, are encouraged.

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This Special session is supported by Horizon Europe project CONDUCTOR and Horizon 2020 project TANGENT.