Work packages:

WP1: Data gathering

T1.1 Single-objective optimization data:

T1.2 Multi-objective optimization data:

T1.3 Pre-processing techniques for data management:

WP2: Methodologies for in-depth understanding of algorithms' performance

T2.1 Develop a methodology for practical significance

  • pDSC - You can download the source code for practical Deep Statistical Comparison.

T2.2 Develop a methodology for multi-modal search

  • eDSC - You can download the source code for extended Deep Statistical Comparison.

T2.3 Develop a methodology for multi-objective optimization

  • To be announced...

T2.4 Develop a methodology for performance metrics fusion

  • To be announced...

WP3: Validation using use cases

T3.1 Single-objective optimization

T3.2 Multi-objective optimization

  • Performance metrics fusion - You can find the valdiaiton results of performance metrics fusion for multi-objective optimization.

T3.3 Test cases from other research domains

WP4: Framework for performing benchmarking analysis

T4.1 Design benchmark framework

T4.2 Development web services

T4.3 Implementation of framework

T4.4 Framework training

WP5: Dissimenation, Communication and Outreach

T5.1 Website

T5.2 Scientific publications and conference activities

  • More information about scientific publications and conference activities can be found in Publications and Events sections.

T5.3 Outreach

  • To be announced...

T5.4 Communication activities

WP6: Project managmenet

T6.1 Project coordination

T6.2 Risk management