Quantify Life – Feed Yourself
2014 - 2015
Europeans have low compliance to dietary guidelines and recommendations, resulting in poor health and unhealthy aging. Public health campaigns hardly improve this compliance. A new paradigm emerges of personal dietary advice based on personal preference, health status and assessment, and motivational goals. A number of FP6 and PF7 project have developed concepts, tools and infrastructures with a number of SME involved. QuaLiFy combines these activities and builds a concerted platform on which European SME will mature these developments. A series of SME involved in 1) food composition tables and food intake quantification, 2) self-quantification technologies in genotype, phenotype and nutritional status, 3) data handling and personal advice IT and 4) production and provision of personalized dietary services will join forces. QuaLiFy will create a solid basis for commercial activities in the area of personalised nutrition by providing a data- and information infrastructure and harmonized open innovation protocols. Two main areas of implementation have been chosen, both based on the interaction between dieticians and client: obese children and type 2 (pre-)diabetics. Furthermore All appliations of QuaLiFY will be tested, integrated and optimized for consumer use in a field lab setting, ”the Nutrition Researcher Cohort”. QualiFY will valorize and integrate the results of the FP6 and 7 projects EuroFir, NuGO and Eurreca, Eurogene and Food4Me.