Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices
2012 - 2016
Hardware security is becoming increasingly important for many embedded systems applications ranging from small RFID tag to satellites orbiting the earth. Its relevance is expected to increase in the upcoming decades as secure applications such as public services, communication, control and healthcare will keep growing. The vulnerability of hardware devices that implement cryptography functions (including smart cards) has become the Achille’s heel in the last decade. Therefore, the industry is recognizing the significance of hardware security to combat semiconductor device counterfeiting, theft of service and tampering.<br/> This COST action aims at creating a European network of competence and experts on all aspects of hardware security including design, manufacturing, testing, reliability, validation and utilization. The network will play a key role in developing solutions responding to the hardware security challenges, hence strengthening the position of Europe in the field.
Our role
We worked on error recovery mechanism in FPGA using dynamic partial reconfiguration.