Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal coaching
2017 - 2021
As in the rest of the world, Europe faces an on-going crisis in caring for its aging population. Citizens are living much longer than ever before, with increasingly complex medical, social, and infrastructural needs, but most EU social support services and structures are lagging very much behind the growing need. While many efforts have focused on better access to healthcare and the expansion of assisted and social care housing, one of the main intervention points, enabling the aging population to remain in their homes longer, is just now becoming a primary developmental priority. Caring for the aging population as they transition from active and independent lifestyles to those requiring significant external support is a large and complex field, with many approaches to the great diversity of citizen need profiles. Within the SAAM project (Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal coaching) we focus upon innovative, technology-enabled approaches to support the aging population living at home, with a novel and practical emphasis on ambient sensing and learning of user needs and preferences, and effective coaching by leveraging the user’s social support networks. Over three years, the project’s 10 partners in 5 countries will develop and test new methods allowing Europe’s aging population to remain more independent and longer in their homes.