Machine vision quality control of molded plastic parts
2019 - 2020
The main challenge is to design a machine vision system that is able to repeatedly and robustly manipulate and analyze batches of plastic parts just after they become available at the output of the injection molding machine within the given timeframe. This involves:<br /> - design of a complex manipulation system for removing the molded parts from the machine using the robot, which the company intends to acquire,<br /> - design of the appropriate machine vision lighting solution that will ensure grabbing of high quality images with sufficient details for further processing,<br /> - specification and selection of appropriate machine vision cameras with suitable lenses,<br /> - specification and selection of a processing unit that may be part of the camera (smart camera) or separated (industrial PC or similar),<br /> - selection of features, design and implementation of algorithms and models for product inspection, and<br /> - design and implementation of a process control algorithm that will handle the necessary communication among the subsystems, and will initiate and stop specific process steps.
Our role
Our role is to coordinate the research partners and to specify all the necessary components of the machine vision inspection system.