TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe
2017 - 2021
The project is a balanced practice-research partnership of 24 institutions, which aims to identify the best routes, or “transition paths” to increase sustainable legume cultivation and consumption across Europe. Sophisticated status quo analysis and advanced modelling approaches combined with data generated from 24 Case Studies and transdisciplinary knowledge-exchange will lead to concrete innovations and to a final Decision Support Tool for primary producers, agronomists, processors, associated businesses and decision makers to help determine a range of options for successful transitions that include a variety of legume species and processing approaches to match the pedo-climatic zones and farm network types. Legume Innovation Networks are being formed in three different pedoclimatic regions across Europe, which are: ‘Atlantic’, ‘Continental’ and ‘Mediterranean’.
Our role
Development of Pathfinder, a web application for interfacing with the decision support system developed in the project. Pathfinder enables the assessment of the value-chain's status quo, testing different scenarios to perform bottom-up and top-down analysis, report generation and user management. Our role was to define the user experience of the tool, design the database architecture, and finally implement the backend and frontend of the tool.