Decentralized Edge Intelligence: Advancing Trust, Safety, and Sustainability in Europe
2024 - 2027
EdgeAI-trust aims to develop a domain-independent architecture for decentralized edge AI along with HW/SW edge AI solutions and tools, which enable fully collaborative AI and learning at the edge. The edge AI technologies address key challenges faced by Europe's industrial and societal sectors such energy efficiency, system complexity and sustainability. EdgeAI-trust will enable large-scale edge AI solutions that enable interoperability, upgradeability, reliability, safety, security and societal acceptance with a focus on explainability and robustness. Toolchains will provide standardized interfaces for developing, optimizing and validating edge AI solutions in heterogeneous systems. The generic results will be instantiated for automated vehicles, production and agriculture, thus offering innovation potential not only in the generic HW/SW technologies and tools, but also in the three target domains. These technological innovations are complemented with business strategies and community building, ensuring the widespread uptake of the innovations in Europe. EdgeAI-trust will establish sustainable impact by building open edge AI platforms and ecosystems, with a focus on standardization, supply chain integrity, environmental impact, benchmarking frameworks, and support for open-source solutions. The consortium consists of major suppliers and OEMs encompassing a broad range of application domains, supported by leading research and academic organizations. By embracing the opportunity to specialize in Edge AI, Europe can maintain its position in the global context, especially as it aligns with decentralized and privacy-driven European policy. Furthermore, as AI is closely connected with the Green Deal, this project can provide proper solutions for environmental issues. Ultimately, the project will enable AI to be connected with other strong sectors and industries, improving the innovation process and decision-making in Europe.