Methodology for specification of computer-supported production control
1997 - 1999
The aim of the project is to develop a holistic methodology for analysis of needs, definition of requirements and elaboration of specifications for computer systems that will integrate and support control of processes at the physical, production and partially also management level of production-oriented enterprises. The holistic methodology should comprise the following main elements:<br /> - recommendation for a systematic approach,<br /> - a conceptual model of the problem domain, and <br />- a definition of the process required for performing the analysis of needs, the definition of requirements and the elaboration of specifications for computer-based production control systems.<br /> The method of research combines an integration of knowledge from various disciplines, such as: computer-integated manufacturing (CIM), systems engineering, software engineering, concurrent engineering and business process re-engineering. Work is based on an analysis of the situation and needs in the Slovenian production-oriented enterprises and is performed by developing the methodological elements through the use in model projects of automation and information system development in selected production enterprises in Slovenia. The reuslts of this research project will enable to perform such projects more consistently and more efficiently.