Optimization of packaging, loading and transportation of pre-fabricated building elements
2008 - 2010
Postdoctoral project is focused into development and realization of optimization procedure of packaging and loading of pre-fabricated building elements into a restricted space, e.g. transport vehicle or warehouse. The result of the optimization is cheaper transportation and/or lower cost of storage. Packaging and loading are mutually dependent processes. At packaging, where different sizes and irregular shapes of packages are allowed, the influence on loading process is even bigger. At loading on transport vehicles, a destination of packages will also be considered. In case of multiple persons placing an order, a decision will have to be made, if packages of different recipients are being loaded on the same transport vehicles or different ones. Regarding transportation, the cheapest route between supplier and recipient can be chosen. Since there is no 3D simulator for packaging and loading of general packages, a suitable 3D simulator will have to be implemented. 3D simulator will simulate a packaging process, with an optimization of packaging of individual elements of diverse shapes into packages, and simulate a loading process, with optimization of packages loading. For solving the described problems, different metaheuristic optimization approaches and their variants will be evaluated. Those with best suitability for solving individual problems will be chosen. For the speeding up the execution of optimization and easier implementation into company’s production process a possibility of parallel and hardware implementation will be researched. With the transfer of gained knowledge and experiences from the field of optimization and simulations into the industrial environment, we will contribute to the development of metaheuristic methods for optimization of packaging, loading and transportation of pre-fabricated building elements. At the same time a field of modern metaheuristic optimization methods will be broaden. The main results of this project will enable users, like DOMEL d. d. and TRIMO d. d., to lower the costs of packaging, storage and transportation. The outcome of the project could be directly used at solving similar problems on the fields of container ship loading, plane cargo management, pallet loading, warehouse management, etc. The newly acquired knowledge will be later transferred to the students at the Faculty of mathematics, science and information technologies, University of Primorska, where the leader of the project cooperates as an assistant professor.
ARRS postdoc