Stigmerično optimiranje ohišja elektromotorja
P. Korošec, K. Oblak, J. Šilc, J. Tavčar
Petnajsta mednarodna Elektrotehniška in računalniška konferenca ERK 2006
Portorož, Slovenija, 25-27 September, 2006
Design of modern electro motors for consumer goods is becoming a challenging task as several objectives need to be taken into account, such as high quality, low cost, long lifespan, and maintenance free operation. While up-to-date computer technologies already enable effec-tive multi-objective design, it is reasonable to apply them to industrial applications. Our intention is to com-bine knowledge from two areas, i.e., the industrial de-velopment of electric devices and the computer science, with the aim to improve the whole design process. Therefore, a stigmergic (i.e., natural-inspired) optimiza-tion method is used to improve design of an electro-motor casing with reduced production costs.
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