A qualitative decision-support model for evaluating researchers
K. Taškova, D. Stojanova, M. Bohanec, S. Džeroski
Informatica, 2007, 31(4): 479-486
The evaluation of research work is an essential element of the scientific enterprise. In general, the evaluation of researchers and their work is highly dependent on the social and economic condition of the country in which the researchers work. The most commonly used form of evaluation is based on peer review. In Slovenia, a quantitative model for evaluating researchers has been developed and used by the Slovenian Research Agency, which has been criticized by the public. In order to alleviate some of the problems with this model and motivate further discussion on this issue, we propose an alternative qualitative model. The model belongs to the paradigm of hierarchical multi-attribute models and has been developed after a literature survey on existing models in foreign countries.
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