The differential ant-stigmergy algorithm for large scale real-parameter optimization
P. Korošec, J. Šilc
Lecture Notes in Computer Science ANTS 2008
Brussels, Belgium, 22-24 September , 2008
The optimization problem treated here is to find x, which optimizes cost function <i>F</i>(<b>x</b>), where <b>x</b> = {<i>x</i><SUB>1</SUB>, <i>x</i><SUB>2</SUB>, . . . , <i>x</i><SUB><i>D</i></SUB>} is a set of real parameters and <i>D</i> represents the dimension of the cost function. Domains of the real parameters are defined by their lower and upper bounds: x<SUB>j</SUB><SUP>low</SUP> , x<SUB>j</SUB><SUP>upp</SUP> ; 1 ≤ <i>j</i> ≤ <i>D</i>. In this paper we consider only high-dimensional cost functions with real parameters; <i>D</i> up to 1000.
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