MATPORT - Web application to support enhancement in elementary mathematics pedagogy
B. Koroušić Seljak, G. Papa, B. Japelj Pavešić
1st International Conference on Computer Supported Education CSEDU 2009
Lisboa, Portugal, 23 - 26 March, 2009
The paper presents a Web application MatPort that is aimed to support enhancement in elementary mathematics pedagogy. In Slovenia, there is a lack of e-Learning courses on elementary school mathematics that would provide teachers and students with verified mathematics problems in Slovene language. The MatPort offers a databank of verified mathematics problems that may be solved on paper or at a computer, or combined into a paper and pencil form of tests. In this paper, we describe the structure and the functionality of the application, providing an insight into the MatPort decision system that supports automatic search of math problems so that students may reach a certain level of knowledge in a thoughtful way. The decision support system is based upon the genetic algorithm. The application has been evaluated by a group of teachers and students, who have been actively involved into the MatPort development.
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