Pilot power optimization in UMTS: a multi-agnet approach
L. Benedičič, M. Štular, P. Korošec
Zbornik 13. mednarodne multikonference Informacijska družba IS 2010
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 11-15 October, 2010
In the context of coverage planning and control, the power of the CPICH signal determines the coverage area of the cell. It also impacts the network capacity, and thus the quality of service. Pilot power is the parameter that allows us to control the strength of the CPICH signal. A higher power for pilot signals means better coverage. On the other hand, more pilot power translates in less power available to serve user trac.<br> We consider the problem of minimizing the total amount of pilot power subject to a full coverage constraint. Our solution approach, based on multiple autonomous agents, gives very good solutions to the problem within an acceptable amount of time. We report the results of our experiments for three UMTS networks of dierent sizes based on realistic planning scenarios.
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