Optimization in Organizations: Things We Tend to Forget
U. Bole, G. Papa
Fifth International Conference on Bioinspired Optimization Methods and their Applications (BIOMA) BIOMA 2012
Bohinj, Slovenia, 24-25 May , 2012
The implications of bringing stochastic optimization of complex systems (SOCS) into an organization are still poorly understood. There appears to be a gap between technical and business people that causes a problem when introducing SOCS in an organization. As one of the ways to combat the gap we propose identification of critical success factors. Importantly we also identify, as the root cause of the gap, the fact that any SOCS initiative is interdisciplinary. If not managed correctly this potential source of creativity, may produce many failures to bridging the gap. In addition we put forth the need to think of SOCS in terms of its integration in organizations as opposed to the currently prevailing thinking in terms of individual projects.
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