On the mutually independent Hamiltonian cycles in faulty hypercubes
V. Vukašinović, P. Gregor, R. Škrekovski
Information Sciences, 2013, 236: 224–235
Two ordered Hamiltonian paths in the n-dimensional hypercube Q_n are said to be independent if ith vertices of the paths are distinct for every 1 ⩽ i ⩽ 2^n. Similarly, two s-starting Hamiltonian cycles are independent if the ith vertices of the cycle are distinct for every 2 ⩽ i ⩽ 2^n. A set S of Hamiltonian paths (s-starting Hamiltonian cycles) are mutually independent if every two paths (cycles, respectively) from S are independent. We show that for n pairs of adjacent vertices w_i and b_i, there are n mutually independent Hamiltonian paths with endvertices wi, b_i in Q_n. We also show that Q_n contains n − f fault-free mutually independent s-starting Hamiltonian cycles, for every set of f ⩽ n − 2 faulty edges in Q_n and every vertex s. This improves previously known results on the numbers of mutually independent Hamiltonian paths and cycles in the hypercube with faulty edges.
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