A Case Analysis of Embryonic Data Mining Success
U. Bole, A. Popovič, J. Žabkar, G. Papa, J. Jaklič
International Journal of Information Management, 2015, 35(2): 253–259
Abstract Within highly competitive business environments, data mining (DM) is viewed as a significant technology to enhance decision-making processes by transforming data into valuable and actionable information to gain competitive advantage. There appears, however, to be a dearth of empirical case studies which consider in detail the initial stages in DM management to enable apt foundation for its later successful implementation. Our research applied a multi-method strategy to determine the critical success factors of embryonic DM implementation. We propose and validate, through a series of cases, a conceptual framework to guide practitioners’ adoption of DM. Our findings reveal additional issues for applied decision making in the context of DM success.
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