Impact of the Housing on the Characteristics of Ceramic Pressure Sensors – A Design for Manufacturability Issue
M. Santo Zarnik, D. Belavič, F. Novak
Sensors, 2015, 15(12): 31442-31452
An exploratory study of impact of housing on the characteristics of a Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) pressure sensor is presented. The ceramic sensor structure is sealed in a plastic housing. This may have a not negligible effect on the final characteristics and should be considered in the early design phase. The manufacturability issue mainly concerning the selection of available housings and the most appropriate materials were considered in respect of different requirements for low and high pressure range of operation. Numerical predictions showed the trends and helped revealing the critical design parameters. Proper selection of the adhesive material remains essential issue. Curing of the epoxy adhesive may introduce non-negligible residual stresses, which considerably influence the sensor’s characteristics.
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