3D serious games for Parkinson’s disease management
B. Blažica, F. Novak, A. Biasizzo, C. Bohak
Human-computer interaction in information society: proceedings of the 19th International Multiconference Information Society - IS 2016 HCI-IS 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 11 October, 2016
The aim of the article is to show how off-the-shelve equipment can be used to develop serious games for an affordable tele-medicine solution for Parkinson’s disease management. Two games have been developed aimed at assessing and training patient’s reach of upper limbs (using Kinect v2) and fine motoric skills of fingers (using Leap motion). The games collect player data in terms of score achieved and full kinematics of movement during gameplay. The data is stored online and made available to therapists and doctors through a secure connection. The games have been tested with patients within the Soča rehabilitation institute as well as at their homes.
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