Telerehabilitation of upper extremities with target based games for persons with Parkinson’s disease
I. Cikajlo, Hukić, Dolinšek, Zajc, Vesel, Krizmanič, Potisk, B. Blažica, A. Biasizzo, F. Novak
International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2017 ICVR 2017
, , 2017
The focus of the physiotherapy in PD_manager project was the training of the upper-extremity function which included exercises for improvement patient’s reach as well as fine motoric tasks. Initial activities were directed toward selecting an appropriate type of game, gaming environment, communication infrastructure and supporting activities. The development of the serious game for upper extremity reaching (with KinectTM sensor) and grasping and fine motor movements (with LeapmotionTM sensor) has been carried out in real hospital environment. After the game had been robust and reliable enough, the gamification system was applied in a daily clinical practice; 28 patients with Parkinson’s disease were included in the pilot study, 26 patients finished the “Fruit picking” game. The preliminary patients’ feedback (objective measurements, games score, PDQ-39 ) and the results of the clinical tests (MDSUPDRSpart III (27 vs 29), Jebsen hand test, 9 Hole Peg Test,Box & Blocks Test - 48 vs 52) were encouraging (faster dailyactivities for up to 10%). Nevertheless, we may estimate that the applied technology motivated the patients to achieve better results, consequently also improved functional performance of the movement and indirectly improve the quality of life.
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