Modelling simultaneous broadcasting by level-disjoint partitions
P. Gregor, R. Škrekovski, V. Vukašinović
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2018, 325: 15-23
Simultaneous broadcasting of multiple messages from the same source vertex in synchronous networks is considered under restrictions that each vertex receives at most one message in a unit time step, every received message can be sent out only in the next time step, no message is sent to already informed vertices. The number of outgoing messages is unrestricted, messages have unit length, and we assume full-duplex mode. In Gregor et al. (2015), we developed a concept of level-disjoint partitions to study simultaneous broadcasting under this model. In this work, we consider the optimal number of level-disjoint partitions. We also provide a necessary condition in terms of eccentricity and girth on existence of k v-rooted level-disjoint partitions of optimal height. In particular, we provide a structural characterization of graphs admitting two level-disjoint partitions with the same root.
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