A formal framework of human machine interaction in proactive maintenance – MANTIS experience
Š. Poklukar, G. Papa , F. Novak
Automatika, 2018, 58(4): 450-459
The general concept of MANTIS project is to provide a proactive maintenance service platform architecture that allows to monitor essential system parameters and schedule maintenance in order to predict and prevent imminent failures. Human–machine interaction (HMI) is an important integral part of the platform by providing the right information in the right modality to the users when needed. As MANTIS comprises 11 distinct industrial use cases, the design of such HMI presents a great challenge. The framework presented in this paper originates from the scenario-based design and can be treated as a part of the overall scenario-based usability engineering approach. The framework has been conceived from an extensive list of HMI features extracted from the descriptions of use-case scenarios provided by each industrial partner. Due to the broad range of representative industry environments including production asset maintenance, vehicle maintenance, energy production management and health equipment maintenance we believe that the resulting HMI framework can be applied in different cases in practice and the paper would also be of general interest to the readers.
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