Multi-hop communication in Bluetooth Low Energy ad-hoc wireless sensor network
B. Skočir, G. Papa, A. Biasizzo
Informacije MIDEM, 2018, 48(2): 85-95
This paper presents a multi-hop mechanism for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 ad-hoc wireless sensor network (WSN). The BLE 4.0 protocol supports only the piconet topology and does not support data transfer over multiple nodes. To overcome this limitation a mechanism to relay sensor data over multiple BLE 4.0 nodes using Master/Slave switching was developed. The mechanism dynamically creates communication paths within the BLE ad-hoc sensor network where all BLE nodes are identical. The sensor data query is initiated from a designated node and forwarded through the dynamically build network. The sensor data are collected over the same path, back to the designated node. The mechanism does not perform route discovery therefore no routing tables are needed. Using this mechanism, the range of the sensor data acquisition can be extended from BLE range to whole BLE sensor network.
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