Success Stories on Real Pilots
R. Socorro, M. Aguirregabiria, A. Akçay, M. Albano, M. Anasagasti, A. Aranburu, M. Barbieri, I. Barrutia, A. Bergmann, K. De Brabandere, M. Boosten, R. Casais, D. Chico, P. Ciancarini, P. Dam, G. DiOrio, K. Eerland, X. Eguiluz, S. Esposito, C. Félix, J. Fernandez-Anakabe, H. Ferreira, L. L. Ferreira, A. Frankó, I. Gabilondo, R. García, J. Gijsbers, M. Grädler, C. Hegedűs, S. Hernández, P. Helo, M. Holenderski, E. Jantunen, M. Kaija, A. Kancilija, F. Larrinaga Barrenechea, P. Maló, G. Marreiros, E. Martínez, D. Martinho, A. Mohammed, M. Mondragon, I. Moldován, A. Niemelä, J. Olaizola, G. Papa, Š. Poklukar, I. Praça, S. Primi, V. Pronk, V. Rauhala, M. Riccardi, R. Rocha, J. Rodriguez, R. Romero, A. Ruggieri, O. Sarasua, E. Saiz, V.-P. Salo, M. Sánchez, P. Sannino, B. Sarr, A. Sillitti, C. Soares, H. Sprong, D. Terwee, B. Tijsma, T. Tourwé, N. Uranga, L. Välimaa, J. Valtonen, P. Varga, A. Veiga, M. Viguera, J. Voet, G. Webers, A. Woyte, K. Wouters, E. Zugasti, U. Zurutuza
River Publishers, 2019, 311-496
This chapter describes success stories. The MANTIS architecture (Chapter 3) was implemented for a number of use cases on real pilots, and the techniques described in Chapters 4, 5, and 6 were experimented with in real settings. Results on the techniques were already presented in previous chapters. This chapter, on the other hand, describes the pilots, from their objectives and context to the system integration efforts to the attained results. One of the results of the application of the techniques was the enhanced Technology Readiness Level of the techniques, which is summarized in Figure 7.1. Each section takes care of providing details for a different use case, and as a whole the chapter proves the large breadth of the applicability of the MANTIS approach.
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