LOCALE: A rule-based location named-entity recognition method for Latin text
I. Milanova, J. Šilc, M. Seručnik, T. Eftimov, H. Gjoreski
HistoInformatics2019 - the 5th International Workshop on Computational History HistoInformatics 2019
Oslo, Norway, 9 September, 2019
For creation of digital textual corpora of preserved historical sources, automatic or semi-automatic extraction of specific types of information is becoming a requested tool for many researchers active in the field of digital humanities. With such tools, the efforts in digitization and semantic annotation will be greatly aided. For this reason, we propose a rule-based named-entity recognition system that can be used for location extraction from Latin text (so-call LOCALE). It is based on a set of computational linguistics rules for Latin language. Experimental results obtained on a set of 100 documents, which were further manually evaluated by human experts, showed that very promising results are achieved.
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