Exploring a standardized language for describing foods using embedding techniques
G. Popovski, B. Paudel, T. Eftimov, B. Koroušić Seljak
IEEE Big Data 2019 BFNDMA 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
Los Angeles, USA, 9-12 December, 2019
In this paper we explore the LanguaL hierarchy, which is a standard used to describe foods, in order to see if different food standards that are included in this hierarchy are linked together properly. For this reason, we have trained a vector representation (i.e. embedding) for each food product that is a part of the hierarchy and have found the most similar products for a subset of products. The results have shown that the LanguaL hierarchy consists of various food standards that are connected in one hierarchy, but without semantically linking the standards together. Such results indicate that further efforts should be made to link all these standards completely in order to provide a unified system for describing and standardizing food products.
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