Food Waste Ontology: A Formal Description of Knowledge from the Domain of Food Waste
R. Stojanov, T. Eftimov, H. Pinchen, M. Traka, P. Finglas, D. Torkar, B. Koroušić Seljak
IEEE BigData 2019 BFNDMA 2019 at IEEE BigData 2019
Los Angeles, USA, 8-12 December, 2019
Recently, as a part of an EU-funded project called REFRESH, a new web-based tool named FoodWasteEXplorer was developed. It provides an easy access to valuable data on unavoidable food waste that can be explored by researchers, industry, governmental agencies and the public to find ways of its valorization. The food waste data was manually collected and stored in a relational database. To enrich and make best use of it, we automatically transform the collected information into a new food waste ontology. The created Food Waste Ontology provides a formal description of knowledge from the food waste domain. Examples of its application are: (i) database querying based on natural language questions, and (ii) finding new or missing data from other datasets.
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