Towards Managerial Support for Data Analytics Results
U. Bole, G. Papa
Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, 2020, 2020: 1-16
Studies of analytics integration management have largely focused on executive-led analytics at the enterprise level. However, in most organizations analytics initiatives do not enjoy executive support at the outset. Top management must first be convinced of the benefits, which slows down the path to competing via analytics. To successfully win top management support for broader analytics implementation an analytics pioneer should achieve five key aims: patiently build trust, manage interdisciplinary collaboration, focus on the problem solving action, facilitate the process, and importantly provide strong support to the embryonic analytics initiative. This is demonstrated through multiple-case study, presented in this paper. In embryonic analytics initiatives, the analytics champion appears locally, at mid-management level, and is up against the complex task of overcoming the resistance of an established organization, with its existing people, processes, data, technology, and culture. We examined what could be learned about the management of people-related issues in embryonic analytics processes. We studied the approaches used and lessons learned by all significant groups of stakeholders with the aim of helping managers show the value of analytics to their executives and colleagues.
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