Colors and colored overlays in dyslexia treatment
T. Jakovljević, G. Papa, V. Kovič, M. Janković, A. Savić, T. Jere Jakulin
12th IPSSC + 14th Young Researchs’ Day CMBE IPSSC 2020
Idrija, Slovenia, 15 May, 2020
Colors are an important factor for the emotional and psychological states of the body, they are impacting the body state also with colors of the learning environment. There is a lot of discussions in previous literature about the color influence on the reading, especially on children with and without dyslexia. In some papers, we can find that the use of colors can enhance the reading of children with dyslexia. The paper presents a user study with 50 children whose readability was measured via a sensor hub in order to detect the effect of background and overlay text colors on reading possibilities. Comparing to the previous studies with children with dyslexia there is a correlation between background colors such as Peach, Orange, or Yellow and benefits for readability. We have found the same correlation in children without dyslexia in the same color range. Also, comparing the results in children with dyslexia and their readability in cool background colors, in particular Blue Grey, Blue, and Green, we found a correlation with decreased text readability. The results show that using certain background and overlay colors have a significant impact on children with and without dyslexia.
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