Refining the CC-RDG3 Algorithm with Increasing Population Scheme and Persistent Covariance Matrix
D. Irawan, M. Antoniou, B. Naujoks, G.Papa
9th International Conference on Bioinspired Methods and Their Applications, LNCS 12438 BIOMA 2020
Brussels, Belgium, 19-20 November, 2020
The cooperative coevolution framework has been used extensively to solve large scale global optimization problems. Recently, the framework is used in CC-RDG3 where it uses recursive differential grouping and covariance matrix adaptation evolution strategies (CMA-ES). It was shown that the algorithm performs well on the CEC2013-LSGO benchmark functions. In this study, some modifications to the CC-RDG3 algorithm are proposed to improve performance. The modifications should be applied differently depending on the modality of the problem at hand.
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