On Formulating the Ground Scheduling Problem as a Multi-objective Bilevel Problem
M. Antoniou, G. Petelin, G. Papa
9th International Conference on Bioinspired Methods and Their Applications, LNCS 12438 BIOMA 2020
Brussels, Belgium, 19-20 November, 2020
In this paper, a bilevel multi-objective formulation of the Ground Scheduling Problem is presented. First, the problem is formulated as a bilevel optimisation problem (BOP), wherein the upper level (UL) is a biobjective problem determining the pairs of Ground Station (GS) to Spacecraft (SC) and the starting time of each event with objectives the maximisation of the access windows and the minimisation of the communication clashes of each GS. These two objectives of the UL can be assumed as a measure of the violation of the feasibility of a schedule. The lower level (LL) consists of a single objective optimisation problem that determines the duration of each event, with objectives the communication time requirement of SCs with GS and the total ground station usage, combined together to a weighted sum function. The approach used to solve this multi-objective BOP is a nested approach, where the Pareto front of the upper level is obtained by a multi-objective optimisation algorithm (NSGA2) and the lower level is solved using a GA. The formulation is tested on one small test case from literature and the relevant results are reported.
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