Stimulus generation of a built-in-self-test using oscillation based test structures
F. Novak, M. Santo-Zarnik, U. Kač
International Journal of Electronics, 2002, 89: 811-820
Oscillation based test method is a simple and in some cases quite efficient method for production go no-go test. In this approach, the circuit is transformed into an oscillator during the test mode and the frequency of oscillation is measured and compared to a reference value obtained on a known-good circuit operating in the same conditions. The main drawback is that only some parts of a complex analogue system can be transformed into oscillators and hence be tested by the oscillation test approach. In this paper, we extend their application to stimulus generation of a built-in self-test. Oscillation test structures of switched-capacitor and active RC filters are considered. Simple ways of changing the oscillation frequency are discussed.
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