Fleet and traffic management systems for conducting future cooperative mobility
G. Papa, V. Vukašinović, R. Sánchez-Cauce, O. G. Cantú Ros, J. Burrieza-Galán, A. Tympakianaki, A. Pellicer-Pous, A. D. Masegosa, A. Gosh, L. Serrano
Transport Research Arena TRA 2024
Dublin, Ireland, 15-18 April, 2023
As urbanization continues to increase worldwide, cities face the challenge of accommodating growing populations while maintaining efficient and sus-tainable transportation systems. The advent of connected and autonomous vehicles promises transformative changes in urban mobility. This paper ad-dresses developments and innovations aimed at seamlessly integrating CAVs into the complex urban mobility ecosystem. It presents assumptions related to a fleet of fully connected and autonomous vehicles coordinated by traffic management centers and focuses on optimizing route assignments based on various performance metrics, including travel time, energy consumption, congestion, and emissions. We are also exploring the integration of people and goods mobility by leveraging the cost efficiency and versatility of on-demand autonomous services.
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