Urban Škvorc

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Transfer Learning Analysis of Multi-Class Classification for Landscape-Aware Algorithm Selection, MATHEMATICS (2022)
Understanding the problem space in single-objective numerical optimization using exploratory landscape analysis, APPL SOFT COMPUT (2020)


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Analyzing the Generalizability of Automated Algorithm Selection: A Case Study for Numerical Optimization, IEEE SSCI 2023
PS-AAS: Portfolio Selection for Automated Algorithm Selection in Black-Box Optimization, AutoML 2023
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Invariance of Exploratory Landscape Analysis Features to Function Transformations, IEEE CEC at IEEE WCCI 2022
The Effect of Sampling Methods on the Invariance to Function Transforms when using Exploratory Landscape Analysis, IEEE CEC 2021
A Complementarity Analysis of the COCO Benchmark Problems and Artificially Generated Problems, GECCO 2021
Using Exploratory Landscape Analysis to Visualize Single-objective Problems, GECCO 2020
Deep Statistics: More Robust Performance Statistics for Single-objective Optimization Benchmarking, GECCO 2020
performViz: A Machine Learning Approach to Visualize and Understand the Performance of Single-objective Optimization Algorithms, GECCO 2020
GECCO Black-Box Optimization Competitions: Progress from 2009 to 2018, GECCO 2019
CEC Real-Parameter Optimization Competitions: Progress from 2013 to 2018, CEC 2019


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